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If your building has to serve many generations or withstand production peaks – aluminium windows will be the right choice. Aluminium windows are durable and fire resistant and do not lose their functionality over time. Heat and sound insulation of aluminium structures, as well as water and wind resistance will provide you with the highest level of comfort.


  • Architectural attractiveness
  • Long service life
  • Resistance to corrosion and environmental influences
  • Energy-saving
  • Noise reduction depending on the glazing
  • Withstand temperature changes from -50°С to + 50°С
  • Collection of favorable ecological properties

aluminija logi nt50

NT 50

windows, doors

not thermally isolated

box width 52–60 мм

filling width 3–40 мм

aluminija logi nt68

NT 68

windows, doors, partitions

thermally isolated

box width 68-76 мм

filling width 18-57 мм

material group 2.1DIN 4108

thermal gasket 24 мм

aluminija logi nt78
NT 78

windows, doors, partitions

box width 78 мм

filling width 18-60 мм

material group 1.0 DIN 4108

thermal gasket 34 мм

aluminija logi pw93
PW 93

wood-aluminum profile

box width 70-93 мм

EPDM gasket

various sashes

variety of joint finishing options


  • Free consultations
  • Free measurements
  • Fast manufacturing
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Individual approach to the client
  • Profitable installation conditions

Aluminium windows have always been a popular choice for commercial projects and recently we’ve seen an increase in interest for domestic aluminium window installations. 

Aluminium windows have come on in leaps and bounds in terms of design and energy efficiency over the last few years so now they are on more of a level playing field with their PVCu counterparts. Aluminium not only equals the efficiency of PVCu, but also offers flexibility in design.

That means oversized or unusually shaped windows are within easy reach of homeowners looking to use glazing in their homes to create impressive features.

Here are our nine reasons why to choose aluminium windows:

9. Aluminium Windows are Strong

Aluminium as a material is ideal for window frames. It is a low density metal, so you can achieve very slimline window frames which are sturdy and strong. With the superior strength of aluminium comes solid window frames that can withstand all weather conditions with no expansion or contraction during frosts or in bright sunlight.

 8. Aluminium Windows are Secure

We know that security levels for windows are usually near the top of the list when you’re doing your research. The robustness of aluminium offers superior strength to withstand any attacks. We use top-quality hardware and multipoint shootbolt locking mechanisms to completely secure your aluminium windows.  

7. Unlimited Design Options with Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows can be manufactured in various window shapes to fit in with your design plans. This means that homeowners have complete flexibility in their design options. Choose triangular aluminium windows, large, multi-level windows with pointed tops or even unusual quadrilateral shapes for really modern new-build designs. 

6. Choose the Finer Details

As well as unusual shapes to give the wow factor for your project, you can choose from a range of profiles for outer frames, cills, sashes and beading in your aluminium window design. Plus, you can choose to have your window frames in any RAL colour with the additional option of dual colour frames so you can match to internal décor as well as exterior brickwork or render.

5. Aluminium is Long-Lasting

Unlike PVCu, aluminium has a really long life-span without the potential to become worn by extreme weather or lack of maintenance. Aluminium can withstand any weather elements, without rusting or rotting so your windows will look stunning for years to come.

4. Aluminium Windows are Energy Efficient

Our thermally broken aluminium exceeds all u-value targets, across the entire range of products. You can choose to buy your frames glazed or unglazed. There’s the option of double or triple glazed units, depending on the level of thermal efficiency you want to achieve.

3. Glass Options for Aluminium Windows

If you choose to have your aluminium windows delivered glazed, you can choose from a range of glass choices for extra design flexibility. The choices include coloured, patterned and obscured glass. You could even opt for self-cleaning or solar control properties for lower-maintenance and extra efficiency.

2. Precise Manufacturing for Aluminium Windows

Another benefit of aluminium is the absolute precision that can be achieved. That’s why we say to send us measurements for orders for aluminium windows and bi-fold doors after the aperture has been created.

1. Slim Sightlines for the Best Views

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium windows is the really slim sightlines you can achieve with this strong and sturdy material. It’s especially important if your house has an impressive view that you want to make the most of with your designs.


If aluminium windows sound like the best thing for your project, give us a call.